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Sunday, 22 April 2012

A Sunday Blog. (more about Bulgaria)

Hello chaps & chapesses! Today, being Sunday, I'm going to be ....JUST AS MUCH OF AN UNFORGIVING any other day of the week! Cerno Pole: form my experiences of this benighted little village off the 73 south of VIDIN, a corrupt shithole of a place; with an ex policeman as "mayor", leader, village elder, whom, I understand, was once a policeman! (so God help those poor bastards!) & anyone else who has any dealings with the place. There was my son's house stolen brick by brick, & under the very eyes of that corrupt official (Irish translation of official: thieving, evil BASTARD). But that's not all that was stolen! I bought a cottage smack in the centre of that God-forsaken place one year, & went back the next year to find that the whole of the barn had disappeared!!! & yet that cunt of a mayor? seems to spend the majority of his time not 20metres away on the other side of the village square! MAY HE DIE AN UNTIMELY & PAINFUL DEATH, & ROT IN hELL FOR A MULTIPLE OF ETERNITIES! So, folks, for fuck's sake don't buy in that village for a start; & there's more to come! Tomorrow, I'll start naming names, so WATCH THIS SPACE! ps: & this will carry on until I find 1 honest person in Bulgaria to stand up & be counted! God bless you all! The righteous & the unrighteous alike!

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