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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Kiril Petrov: Professional Estate Agent VIDIN

Hello once more chaps & chapesses! Below is an email from Kiril Petrov received yesterday: Hi, Doug! You must be pretty bored standing all day in front of the computer and writing all that in your blog. The question is - who cares? ;) I am sorry about the bad experience you've had with your property, but I bet it's the only case on the planet. Perhaps you would like to buy another house to replace the missing one? If so - you know you can always rely on us to sell you one. :) Cheers, Kiril Here is some of the blurb taken from the "about us" page of his website: We are a British - Bulgarian Real Estate Investment Company set up by professionals in Bulgarian Properties. We Combine Local Knowledge With British Support. Our policy is to provide a second to none Real Estate and consultancy service specialising in all types of property investment throughout Vidin and Belogradchik regions. We cover everything from private individuals looking to secure a foreign property to multi national investment funds interested in bulk purchasing. Planning a purchase in another country can seem a complicated process. Through our own experience of buying properties in Bulgaria, that are situated mainly in Vidin and Belogradchik areas we can provide cost effective, efficient and professional services. We offer a complete one stop shop from Initial email and telephone enquiries to sourcing suitable properties, managing all transactions and beyond. Now, according to his own wording on his website, he is a professional estate agent (???) providing "a second to none" service (reading his email, that's no doubt true). Anyway, in answer to his email, I say this: KIRIL: I lead a busy life, & am well versed in computer technology, & so don't stand in front of a computer any more; ever since they invented chairs. Neither do I need all day to write a blog; perhaps because I'm quite skilled at using the technology associated with computers. In answer to your rhetorical question: "Who cares!"; obviously you, the "professional" estate agent, can't be included in this category. (I rest my case on that!) Your sorrow at my dilemma rings hollow in reading this email; but I do not believe for one second that this complaint of mine is"the only case on the planet". With scoundrels such as yourself it's usual that your scurrilous activities create many more than ONE complaint. Lastly, I would be happy to do business with you again (pictures of supping, & the devil, & long spoons come to mind!), but only if you would firstly:-- a) supply me with a set of keys for the property at Cerno Pole; b)put right or help convict the thief that stole my son's house, timber by timber & brick by brick, again at Cerno Pole; &c) put my properties for sale on your website & sell them for me & so prove to me that you are, as you state on your website, an "Investment Company set up by professionals". Lastly, would it be possible to obtain a Bulgarian flying boar to mate with our English flying sows, & so to breed an Anglo-Bulgarian flying pig? (this latter re. an old English saying: no doubt you have a similar Bulgarian one describing something unlikely to happen!) God bless you, Kiril Petrov---no-one else will!


  1. Ooops, one spelling mistake, "seling" should be with double L!...I mistyped it, ok?!

  2. Where is my first comment???????????????

  3. Should I correct my ignorant friend or bite my tongue?