Very tired dog of mine. My fault entirely. Moved his food bowl to another room. Sadly passed away but memories linger on in his son Bruce, & his son Max. Both on my website:

Friday, 20 April 2012

Hello, chaps & chapesses! Over the next week or two I will be posting daily blogs about property purchases I have made in & around the VIDIN area of Bulgaria; & the criminality I have observed & suspected associated with these deals. I will also be naming some of the people I suspect to be associated with these ripoff activities. I am a quiet, largely unassuming man of 68, & do not look for problems in my life; but I will no longer stand by & see this mafia behaviour, especially when I am a victim. SO WATCH THIS SPACE FOR FURTHER ATTRACTIONS!!! MORE TOMORROW! & THE NEXT DAY, & THE NEXT... UNTIL THIS SCUM IS EXPOSED FOR WHAT THEY ARE: CRIMINALS! & THEN LET US RID OURSELVES OF THIS FILTH FROM THE EU!

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