Very tired dog of mine. My fault entirely. Moved his food bowl to another room. Sadly passed away but memories linger on in his son Bruce, & his son Max. Both on my website:

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Despite the fact that I copied & pasted the following as a precursor to yesterday's blog, it didn't appear. So, by way of demystification I append the following mail text as a comment:-- Listen mate, as an owner of several properties in BG, all at present worthless due to this slump, I was bored at work so perused your numerous web utterings. It's simple, ya got ripped, get over it! Going by the pic' of that mongrel and it's surrounds you live in abject filth so have no chance of selling anything. My advice would be to have a strong drink, be a man and just top yourself, giving everyone a break, the world would be a brighter place without you, ya mankey old loser. ? Perhaps Google is getting too big to be efficient? I've noticed that, for instance, other search engines are often better to use than the big G!!!

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