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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Why God Gave up & moved to a different planet: part1

Hello chaps & chapesses! Welcome to sunny Ireland!
Catching the 1/2 hour of sun today, shirt off, deckchair dried out, I happened to have the following conversations:
conversation 1: Bloody dry today! Yes, but not for long! Well, let's hope so; it's bloody baking in this shell. Go for the ditch, it's still got a foot of water in it. Oh right; thanks human, I will. No probs; gotta lotta time for you beetles. Must be shite havin' to stagger round with that shell on y'r back. Y' get used to it after a while.........
Conversation 2: (phone rings) Hiya Doug, it's Bob here. Hello Bob, what u up to now y've "retired"? Well, funny you should ask that! Can I pick your brains? Yes, no probs; go ahead. Big question: what advice can you give me when you're playing the Forex with your own money? Take a wide spread Bob, take a wide spread. & stick with y'r Barclays shares, Bob. They'll soon find another guy like you, to rip it some more. Remember who's in charge; B of E & our Dave. They won't let you down. Thanks Doug, you're a mate.
& then today's rain came.
Bye for now, you lucky c's &c'esses

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