Very tired dog of mine. My fault entirely. Moved his food bowl to another room. Sadly passed away but memories linger on in his son Bruce, & his son Max. Both on my website:

Sunday, 3 June 2012

A little Sunday read

The above was posted to one of my websites yesterday, from The address isn't live, by the way. Just thought I'd share this with my readers in order to make the following point: 1) There are many idiots in this world 2) Some can operate a computer keyboard 3)The property market in Bulgaria has slumped, alongside most other property markets in the world; but the slump, & concomitant price drop has been exacerbated by the awful reputation Bulgaria has achieved for corruption in its property market. 4) The pic of my mongrel dog was taken in my farmyard: not a particularly filthy place, but a farmyard nevertheless, & so not quite a country garden. 5) I don't take strong drink, so it would have to be red wine for a precursor to suicide; & I enjoy red wine so much that drinking it would probably convince me to leave the suicide til another day......etc.........etc.. 6) I am sure that I am so little known that my presence in, or absence from, this world would make no difference whatever. Indeed, I firmly believe that the absence of the writer of the above-quoted email from our world would make more difference than I ever could; or would want to. 7) I rest my case.

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