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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Ireland: Here I come! (once again)

Leaping Geronimos! Jumping Jack Flashes! Yes! chaps & chapesses! It's Irelande once more! Sailing on the 11th; this time to fetch my old Irish runabout (pic on & there lies a story: I exported it to the auld country around 2008 to serve my transport purposes when there. Happily taxed & insured it until this year, when I rang the insurance company FBD ltd. to re-insure it this summer. ok? No! The young lady from their Wexford office told me they could not/no longer insure it as it was a kit car??? I rang around all the Irish insurance offices I could find on google only to discover that I could not/no longer get insurance in Ireland for my little beast! So, to cut a long boring tale of Irish lack of business acumen short (no wonder the f--k--g country is BANKRUPT), I'm re-importing it into the auld(er) country to once more grace our roads with it's singular presence. Ireland's loss etc etc.. I will keep you all posted. May your god bless you all!

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