Very tired dog of mine. My fault entirely. Moved his food bowl to another room. Sadly passed away but memories linger on in his son Bruce, & his son Max. Both on my website:

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Avoiding WW3?

Its sunny Erin next week for me, to fetch my kitcar back or to stay awhile in order to avoid the worst effects of the Third World War? Who knows what the future holds whilst humans control so much power? Obama/Putin equals madness? Or are they merely figureheads who each represent their country’s peculiar arrogance? Perhaps a time has once again come in the human condition when suicidal behaviour becomes the norm, amongst our godlike leaders at any rate, & we poor mortals blindly follow where even lemmings fear to go? Let us hope some small bout of wisdom takes hold before the forces that bring darkness are yet again unleashed, & this time with maybe final tragedy.

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