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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Just testing chaps!

I've got a slight disease I picked up from the internet. Its called appomitis. But don't worry chaps, I've got some tabs from the docs. Soon be cured (when I've worked this Amplify app out!)>

Once more, bankers, politicians, top executives, dictators; all have creamed the top off the wealth created by the labour of many, & in an evermore overcrowded world. Which facts, of course, leave the poor sods at the base of the pyramid of shite, even less to starve on. Not that robbing the fat-cats & redistributing their wealth amongst the poor would make more than a few days difference of life to the latter; but for sure, it would make dying easier, Knowing that those bastards were either coming on the same train, or following on the next one! (Which is probably a major motivation to the Libyan protesters marching & dying as I write).


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