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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Once more, the world turns.

Once more, bankers, politicians, top executives, dictators; all have creamed the top off the wealth created by the labour of many, & in an evermore overcrowded world. Which facts, of course, leave the poor sods at the base of the pyramid of shite, even less to starve on. Not that robbing the fat-cats & redistributing their wealth amongst the poor would make more than a few days difference of life to the latter; but for sure, it would make dying easier, Knowing that those bastards were either coming on the same train, or following on the next one! (Which is probably a major motivation to the Libyan protesters marching & dying as I write).

There's nothing new in any of this, of course: greed is a perennial weed (& there's the start of a rap, if ever there was one!). But every so often, it raises its shitface & becomes obvious. & so: 2008 to 2011 & beyond!

& there isn't a damned thing to do about it! Change the world? It's been tried, by religion, by isms, by hippies, etc., etc., etc.. & every time, the purity at the start soon gets sullied by that peculiarity of the human condition: greed; both personal & social. Us humans: a mixture of the herd & the hunter; we herd together, & hunt each other!

& the humanists among us hope fondly that we will evolve into a more moral species? Maybe; but evolution is a bloody long haul, chaps! Desperate times, indeed!

Even so, we have evolved sufficiently onward & upward(?) to invent good red wine! So, maybe, there's hope on the far horizon! Red wine in tablet form, at least!

As an Aussie conman said to me, by email, recently: Gooday!

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