Very tired dog of mine. My fault entirely. Moved his food bowl to another room. Sadly passed away but memories linger on in his son Bruce, & his son Max. Both on my website:

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Google Plus

Just joined Google+ . Not sure how it works but I've put up a website already, but not sure what the address is, beyond the fact that it's in my name: doug de vos. How you access it on the net is still beyond me. If you go to my name on google search, you tend to get alot of my namesake's bumfh! It seems there's Another! doug de vos in America!!! (would you believe?) Not sure what he does, but he's certainly more famous than me! (not hard to be, of course!)
Anyway, will fiddle with it further, & post more as more gen is gained from my researches. Bye4now.

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